Friday, May 17, 2013

19th May (Sunday) - DATCC Amateur Weekend - 1600 below or Unrated


After weeks of organizing Open event where players of all strength are able to play, it is time to open up the opportunities for the mere amateurs to try their skills amongst players of the same strength - without having to deal with the likes of IM Jimmy and IM Mas whom both took part in DATCC weekend event last Sunday.

For this weekend event, only Unrated players and players who are rated below 1600 in the April National Rating list are allowed to play in this event. Event will be held over 7 round Swiss using a time control of 25 minutes to finish. Registration starts at 9:00am with Round 1 to start at10:00am.



Prizes are allocated for the top 3 finishers, the top 3 players with a rating of below 1400, the Best Veteran, the Best Lady and the Best Unrated including the Best and 2nd Best DATCC members playing in the event.


For best performer in the U16, U12 and U8 age group category, each winner will earn a medal and a certificate for their performance. Except for the Best DATCC member prizes, all other prizes must have at least 3 participants eligible for each category in order for the best player to earn the category prizes.

Entry fees are RM 20 for non-members and RM 15 for U12, and for DATCC members, the entry fees are RM 10 and RM 8 for the U12.



Please download the entry forms for the events at the following URL: For more information on our events and activities to date, please visit our FACEBOOK page at

Come and join us for the fun!

Najib Abdul Wahab

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