Friday, November 18, 2011

4th DATCC KL Team Open Chess Championship - 'twas the night....

It was another interesting Round 5 with top 2 pairs on Table 1 and 2 ended in critical stalemates which allowed most of the lower teams to catch up. 'twas almost significant scores for the lower boards with 3.5 points earned by the winning team on Table 3 to Table 5. On Table 6, DATCC Seniors Team scored a perfect score against BERNAMA Chess Team with 4 - 0.

On Table 1, Too Less Ordinary was without the service of top board Ian Udani but so was Kelantan Chess Team as its top board IM Mas Hafizul has left for Palembang to represent the country in SEA Games. Too Less Ordinary slotted its 10th board with Syazwan who was paired to play against Azahari Mohd Nor. The Teams tied at 2-2 with both top boards ended in draw whilst Nik of Kelantan triumphing over his counterpart Hezri on board 3 but Azhari losing his game against Syazwan on board 4

On Table 2, all four boards were stretched to the max and were the last ones to finish for the night. Hashim Jusoh proved too strong for Song Wai Cheng on board 4 but Yeoh Chin Seng made up for the loss by overpowering Shamsol on Board 3. Similar to the scores on Table 1, both board 1 and 2 on Table 2 yielded drawing scores for Li Tian and Cheok Fong against Kamalariffin and Kamaluddin respectively. 

On Table 3, 17 Chess Club triumphed over PJMIM scoring 3.5 against 0.5, and on Table 4, Seahorse PETRONAS won over its sister's team Swordfish PETRONAS with the same scoreline. On table 5, Renegade put up a strong showing to win yet again with the same scoreline 3.5 to 0.5 against Saprin's Carikomputer Dot Com.

Full score for all the tables and boards:

Ranking after Round 5

Pairing for Round 6
To be played on 22nd November 2011 at 7:00pm

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