Wednesday, July 27, 2011

National Arbiter's Seminar - 16th to 18th September (with an option to learn using Swiss Manager)

With the success of the recent FIDE Arbiter Seminar, MCF is taking another step forward with its national version of the same seminar to encourage and educate more locals on the rules and regulations that govern chess events and games.

The MCF version of the seminar will cover topics that are more suited for the local circuits by focusing primarily on FIDE Laws of Chess, Swiss Pairing and Tournament Organizing. The idea of the MCF seminar is to share the knowledge and learning that were gained during the FIDE Arbiter Seminar with other local arbiters, teachers, organizers, club members, associations including parents and players whom may not have the opportunity to join the FIDE session. .

Similar to the FIDE seminar, participants for the MCF seminar will also sit for a short exam on the final day of the seminar to gauge their understanding on the topics that were presented and discussed. Those who have done well in the exams will be conferred with appropriate titles and recognitions, and can look forward to earn the National Arbiter's title which MCF plans to introduce in the very near future. The MCF seminar will also provide better preparation to the participants should they want to pursue their ambition in becoming globally recognized FIDE Arbiters or International Arbiters.

One of the interesting feature of the MCF seminar is that it will also provides an optional 1 additional day for participants to learn and be trained on using the Swiss Manager program, one of the world's most popular pairing program used in many local and international chess events. Participants are advised to purchase their own Swiss Manager program prior to attending the training day, or download the DEMO version from the Swiss Manager website. Whilst the organizer may provide computers for the participants to practice, the units available may not be enough to go around for everyone. During the learning session, participants will be taught on how to download FIDE and MCF rating list, execute pairings including changing the pairings, keying in and correcting results, understanding tie breaks, printing and preparing tournament reports, and other relevant topics that will help the user to use the software effectively.

The entry fees for the 3 days seminar is RM200 per person of which RM50 shall be used towards MCF certification. For the Swiss Manager training program, the registration fees is RM80 per person. For the entire 4 days seminar, the total fees is RM280 per person. Participants are advised that the fees do not cover for lunch, accommodation or transport during the duration of the seminar. Those who are interested to take part in the Swiss Manager training program must have a solid understanding on Swiss Pairing program prior to participating in training program. Those who are interested to take only the Swiss Pairing program will be accepted at the discretion of the organizer with a higher fees imposed.

Those who would like to inquire more about the seminar, please contact Najib Wahab at +6016 338 2542 or email

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