Monday, June 13, 2011

InSoFar Weekend Event

DATCC hosted three Insofar Chess Academy events over the weekend and it was a good turnout for the Elite Open Semifinal events with 19 players taking part including IM Jimmy Liew, NM Kamalariffin Wahiduddin and Sumant Subramaniam, who just concluded his ASIAN Junior outing in Sri Lanka the week before.

In the morning session, the Rapid U-10 had 7 participants who amongst others included well known chess offspring - Mohd Saprin's 2 boys and Mohd Fairin's 2 daughters. The U-10 event was won by Haziq Aiman Nizam who scored 3 points out of 3 games to edge Kong Dak Nam with 2 points on second spot and Johnathan Ananda Leong at third with the same 2 points but a lower tie break.

In the afternoon session, another Junior event was held starting at 2:30pm. The 5th Insofar Junior Scholarship event had 9 participants - 8 of which came from 3 families. Saprin's 3 boys - Qayyim, Ghaazi and Muqqri, Avadiar of Seremban 3 daughters - Pavethra, Davithra and Sasithra, and Vinton and Ethan Wong. The 9th player was Kong Dak Nam who had stayed on from the morning event. Ethan Wong came up on top edging brother Vinton on tie break. Pavethra came third followed by Amir Ghaazi Saprin at 4th place who also bagged the best unrated player for the event.

The main event for the day was the Insofar Elite Open Semifinal leg which was played over 5 rounds with a time control of 25 minutes. Hot favorite Jimmy Liew was cruising comfortably with 3 points when he hit a brickwall in the form of Kamaluddin Yusoff who snatched a win against him in the 4th round. In his last round, a quick draw with Taulani Tukiran sealed the deal for Kamaluddin to snatch the top spot with Jimmy Liew a close second.

It was a good showing for Shreyes who sealed the 3rd spot with 4 points - his only lost to IM Jimmy in the 3rd round. Shreyes had a good start when he beat elder brother Sumant in the first round and his good run continued in the second round when he managed to outlast Ahmad Fadzil Nayan. After his lost to IM Jimmy in the 3rd round, Shreyes secured another win against Stonemaster Mohd Fadli and in the last round, triumphed over Jax Tham to seal his 3rd placing.

Taulani Tukiran of Johor Bahru secured the 4th placing followed by Ahmad Fadzil Nayan at 5th and NM Kamalariffin Wahiduddin round up the 6th spot.
Rank Name NRtg Pts BH.
1 Kamaluddin Yusof 1932 15
2 Jimmy Liew Chee-Meng 2079 4 17½
3 Shreyes Subramaniam 1685 4 14
4 Taulani Tukiran 1768 13½
5 Ahmad Fadzil Nayan 1941 12
6 Kamalarifin Wahiduddin 1929 3 15½
7 Sahir Sarifdin 1595 3 10½
8 Jax Tham Tick Hong 1749 17
9 Sarika Subramaniam-G 1599 13½
10 Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli 1817 11½
11 Subramaniam Demudu 1590 10½
12 Sumant Subramaniam 1957 2 15
13 Mohd Fadli Zakaria 1822 2 13½
14 Mohd Fairin Zakaria 1788 2 13
15 Razali Hamzah 1633 2 12½
16 Mohd Ezmi Mahmood 1585 2 12
17 Subramanian Sivanesan 1603 2 10½
18 Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan-G 1644 12
19 Harun Bustaman 1250 1 13½

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