Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The Ampang Chessmaster concluded yesterday with Sumant Subramiam emerging as champion after triumphing over 2 Filipino challengers in the form of Ian Udani in the penultimate round and newcomer Allan Umadhay in the last round. It is a good pick up by Sumant after his almost disastrous qualification for the SEA Games squad.

For his valiant effort, Sumant won the Ampang Chessmaster trophy and was presented the RM500 cash prize by Ampang MP, YB Zuraida Kamaruddin. 3 players tied with 6 points but based on tie break, Ian Udani came in Second after defeating Mohd Fadli Zakari a.k.a Stonemaster (who ended up 9th), Ahmad Fadzil Nayan 3rd after ousting Veteran winner, Norazman Ismail and Kamaluddin Yusoff 4th after his win over Ampang best player winner, Mohd Faizal Roslan.

Filipino Allan Umadhay, a newcomer to be reckon with, came in 5th with 3 other players who sharing the same 5.5 points, Ahmad Rubel 6th, Rizal Kamal 7th, Kamalariffin 8th. Fadli Zakaria and Foo Chee Kin wrapped up the 9th and 10th spot.

During the announcement of the results, there was a slight error on the 5th best player for the Primary school children when Haziq Aiman Nizam name was left out of the winners list. Haziq’s name was accidentally left out and in his place, Chew Zhi Xuan’s name was mentioned. Whilst the winners list and the prizes will not be changed, the organizer have apologized to the parents and moving forward, we will strive to better the process and improve the situation where such error can be minimized further or ultimately eliminated

Next up: DATCC WARRIOR RAPID CHESS WEEKEND on Sunday, 22nd May 2011
Rank Name NRtg Pts BH. POSITION
1 Sumant Subramaniam 1957 33½ Champion
2 Ian Udani 2160 6 34½ Second
3 Ahmad Fadzil Nayan 1941 6 33 3rd
4 Kamaluddin Yusof 1932 6 32 4th
5 Allan Umadhay 0 33½ 5th
6 Ahmat Rubel Abbas 1762 32½ 6th
7 Rizal Ahmad Kamal 1617 31 7th
8 Kamalarifin Wahiduddin 1929 29½ 8th
9 Mohd Fadli Zakaria 1822 5 33 9th
10 Foo Chee Kin 1752 5 31 10th
11 Mohd Faizal Roslan 1689 5 31 Best Ampang
12 Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli 1817 5 31 Best IPTA
13 Norazman Ismail 1660 5 28½ Best Veteran
15 Suhaimi Mustafa Albakri 1627 5 28 Best Government
48 Nur Farhana Amir Hafidz 1417 4 20½ Best Lady
56 Syukri Lan 0 23½ Best PBT
53 Ramdan Hussin 0 25 Best MPAJ
18 Ros Syamsul Hamid 1640 5 23½ Menengah 1
19 Noor Hafiz Mohd Nor 0 30 Menengah 2
22 Muhd Taufik Azman 1578 29 Menengah 3
27 Norizzudin Afendi Norazman 1668 26½ Menengah 4
28 Muhd Ariez Azman 1625 26 Menengah 5
25 Bausch Koh Sian Kuan 1377 27 Rendah 1

Muhd Hafidzuddin Junaidi 1378 4 26½ Rendah 2
51 Jagathees Guna Balan 1456 28 Rendah 3
54 Ang Tsu Jien 1271 24 Rendah 4
64 Haziq Aiman Nizam 1298 3 24 Rendah 5
65 Chew Zhi Xuan 1322 3 24 Rendah 5

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