Friday, April 22, 2011

MCF Selection Event - Round 1

The MCF Selection event is scheduled to start today with Round 1 to clock off at 7:00pm. Whilst DATCC will be the official venue for the event, the venue will shift to a different site only for Sunday, 24th April (for Round 4 and 5) as DATCC will be hosting the PERCAWI Labour Day event.

The event will shift back to DATCC for Round 6 and 7 scheduled on 7th May followed by Round 8 and 9 to be held the next day on 8th May. The break in the scheduling is to accommodate the SELANGOR OPEN event which has been scheduled from 29th April to 2nd May 2011 at DATCC as well.

Pairing for Round 1 for both the Men and Women section is as follows:
Name Rtg Res.
Name Rtg SNo.
Subramaniam Sumant 2065 - IM Liew Chee-Meng-Jimmy 2302 10
Tan Jun Feng 1849 -
Lim Zhuo Ren 2080 9
Fong Yit Ho 1995 -
Fong Yit San 1945 8
4 IM Mas Hafizulhelmi 2418 -
Wahiduddin Kamalarifin 2169 7
5 IM Lim Yee-Weng 2248 - IM Mok Tze-Meng 2394 6


Name Rtg Res.
Name Rtg SNo.
Tan Li Ting 1827 - WCM Fong Mi Yen 1890 10
Wahiduddin Nurul Huda 1977 -
Camilia Bt Johari 1721 9
Sarika Subramaniam 0 -
Tang Kar Khei 0 8
4 WFM Nur Najiha Hisham 1819 - WCM Nur Nabila Azman Hisham 1886 7
Azhar Puteri Munajjah Az-Zahra 1732 -
Azhar Puteri Rifqah Fahada 1822 6

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