Sunday, February 27, 2011

MAVERICK a huge success....

(Note: Full cross table can be found at GilaChess blog or Chess Results website)

After the smoke had cleared, Madjidov Jasur sealed the Maverick Rapid title with a tame draw when paired against Fong Yit San in the final round of the Maverick Rapid event. IM Mas who was the hot favorite to win the event, misplayed his game against Madjidov in round 6 and had to settle for second place after outplaying aspiring junior player Mohd Syakir Syazmeer Azhar in round 7. IM Mas started very well when he cruised against National Junior Champion Lim Zhou Ren in round 4 and Sumant Subramniam in round 5 before his unexpected loss to Madjidiv in the penultimate round. In the earlier round 4, IM Mas was seen as the clear favorite when Madjidov drew with Kelantanese Nik Farouqi on table 2. In round 5, when second board Cheah Cheok Fung and Ian Udani agreed for a draw, it was clear that Madjidov would be playing IM Mas in round 6 and the winner should be able to seal the top spot in the event.

It was also a remarkable showing for Fong Yit San who ended 3rd in the event after winning against Philippines Ian Udani in round 6. Fong Yit San edged Lim Zhou Ren by a mere quarter of a point on the SB tie break and the latter had to settle for 4th place. Renegade defending Champion Wong Jianwen was in 5th with local "spaceman" Nor Ilhamuddin rounding up the winners list at 6th place.

A total of 108 players participated in the DATCC Maverick Rapid Chess weekender series for 2011 surpassing the number of 92 registered in the Renegade event which was conducted late last month. The number of strong players turning up for the event is seen as a good omen for chess, promising a better and more vibrant future that is soon to come. Led by IM Mas Hafizul, Uzbek Madjidov Jasur and Philippines Ian Udani, this has been one of the strongest weekend event in the recent years influence by the upcoming NAG event, National Closed event and MSS event which are nearing very soon. It was clearly a “sparring” ground for aspiring players gunning for a good showing in the upcoming major events mentioned.

DATCC has been gaining a lot of support since being taken over by a new management earlier this year and the presence of IM Mas Hafizul in this weekend event are additional contributing factors that has made this event a huge success. Riding on the success of Renegade which pulled 92 players, Maverick event with 108 players is the single largest event conducted by DATCC since the center started. The biggest crowd for DATCC was 119 players back in January when Stonemaster did its “1 Malaysia” event.

DATCC would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to all the players (especially to IM Mas), supporters, bloggers, writers, parents, teachers, officials (especially IM/IA Giam Choo Kwee) for all the support and assistance that ALL OF YOU have given in making this event a huge success. Thank you everyone.

The next weekender series is planned for May 2011 – be on the lookout for our next successful outing!Thanks again everyone!!!

Final Prize Winners listing for Maverick:
Rg. Name Elo FED Pkte Position
1 Madjidov Jasur 2214 UZB 6 First
2 Mas Hafizulhelmi 2275 MAS 6 Second
3 Fong Yit San 1760 MAS 6 Third
4 Lim Zhuo Ren 1925 MAS 6 Fourth
5 Wong Jianwen 1819 MAS 6 Fifth
6 Nor Ilhamuddin Shaikh Ali 1759 MAS 6 Sixth
18 Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan-G 1478 MAS 5 Best U1600
23 Muhd Hanif Basri 0 MAS Bes Unrated
24 Nur Nabila Azman Hisham-G 1792 MAS Best Lady
26 Teh Wee Zhun 1489 MAS Second U1600
34 Nur Najiha Azman Hisham-G 1748 MAS 4 Best U12 (Girl)
35 Zulhasrizal Zulkifli 1263 MAS 4 Best U 1400
36 Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri 1623 MAS 4 Best U12 (Boy)
43 Muhd Farhan Jamil 1346 MAS 4 Second U1400
45 Mustafa Said 1627 MAS 4 Best veteran

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