Friday, February 4, 2011

DATCC New Layout - Better, Spacious and Proper

Frequent DATCC visitors (and the new ones too) will find a refreshing (and surprising) new floor layout that offers space and better table arrangement to accommodate for more playing area and a proper resting lounge for parents and visitors. With added tables and chairs filling up the hall to the brim, the current floor layout can easily accommodate up to 160-170 players comfortably. This is one of the few immediate steps taken by the new management to further promote DATCC as the primary chess center in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia - a new image, a new vision and a bold move towards improvement.

For the Stonemaster event scheduled tomorrow, 132 seats with 66 sets and clocks have already been put in place in view of a record chess gathering at DATCC for 2011. DATCC is proud to be a partner to Stonemaster in hosting chess events and we look forward to more partnerships from other chess organizations, associations and clubs.

View our new center
(Full photos can be viewed at our "VIEW OUR CENTER" tab.....)


  1. Congratulations Najib for the great job you are doing.

  2. Impressive! I wish that our SIGC was more like the picture above.

    Kudos to Najib!

  3. Najib, the new layout makes very good use of space. Well done. But could something be done about the toilet queue situation when a big-crowd event is on. Perhaps you can arrange for the outside toilet to be opened during such days.

  4. Hi Eddy
    Your point noted. I have received similar comments from other players/visitors as well. FYI, we hope to overcome this challenge by requesting the building management to unlock another toilet (either on the same or different floor) for players convenience.



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