Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DATCC Renegade Rapid Weekend on 30th January 2011

DATCC Renegade Rapid Chess Weekend on 30 Jan (Sunday) to kick off its 2011 Weekender series under its new management. This is an open event for all chess players of various playing strength with attractive prizes awarded to the eventual winners including special prizes for junior player, best female player and players who are rated below 1600 and 1400. All players below 12 years old will receive a Certificate of Participation for taking part in this event provided registration is made before 28th January 2011.

Time Control
is 25 minutes per player per game (to finish)
Tournament Format
is 7 Round Swiss System Pairing
Schedule of Rounds


30th January 2011




Round 4


Round 1


Round 5


Round 2


Round 6


Round 3


Round 7

1:00pm – 2:00om



Prize Giving

Prize Money
Champion : RM 300
Runner Up : RM 150
Third : RM 100

Fourth : RM 50
Fifth : RM 50
Sixth : RM 50
Best Player under 1600: RM 40 (Not including player with 1600 points and Unrated)
Best Player under 1400: RM 40 (Not including player with 1400 points and Unrated)

Best Unrated: RM 40 (For Unrated players provided 3 or more players playing)
Best Lady : RM 40 (Provided 3 or more players playing)

Best U-12 : RM 40 (Provided 3 or more players playing)

Tie Break Used:
1. Bucholz with variable [37]
- For Best and Weakest game dropped are counted as "0",
- For not played games (forfeit, bye, etc) is "compute with real points"
- For adding own points is "No"
- For dropped players is counted as "No points (for all rounds)"
2. SB with variable [52]
- variables are the same as above
3. Bucholz with variable [37]
- variables are the same except - For not played games (forfeit, bye, etc) is "compute as draw against the player himself"

The entry fee for the event is set as follows:

All Players = RM 25
, Players U-12 = RM 15
All U12 players will receive Certificates provided entry/payment received before 28 Jan 2011

For online payment or payment via check, please use the following account:


Account Number 1410-0000234-10-2


For further inquiries /request for entry forms, please contact the following:

Najib Wahab (016 338 2542 /

DATCC website address is

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