Monday, December 13, 2010

Penang Open & Challengers Winners

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Penang Open 

  Penang Open Winners
Penang Open Champion (RM5000) IM Dimakiling Oliver
Penang Open 2nd placing (RM2500) IM Barbosa Oliver
Penang Open 3rd placing (RM1500) GM Murshed Niaz
Penang Open 4th placing (RM1000) IM Ranola Yves
Penang Open 5th placing (RM800) IM Chiong Zacarias Romero Luis
Penang Open 6th placing (RM600) IM Mas Hafizulhelmi
Penang Open 7th placing (RM600) FM Pascua Haridas
Penang Open 8th placing (RM600) Tan Khai Boon
Penang Open 9th placing (RM500) Olay Edgar Reggie
Penang Open 10th placing (RM500) FM De Ramos Julius
Penang Open 11th placing (RM400) Udani Ian
Penang Open 12th placing (RM400) Lee Kim Han Edward
Penang Open 13th placing (RM400) FM Castellano Christopher
Penang Open 14th placing (RM400) Eng Andre Jerome
Penang Open 15th placing (RM400) Ng Tze Han
Best Lady (RM250) Do Thi Thuong 
Penang Open Best PCA 1 (RM250) Yeap Eng Chiam 
Penang Open Best PCA 2 (RM200) Thong Yung Cheng 
Penang Open Best PCA 3 (RM200) Loo Swee Leong
  Penang Challenger Winners
Penang Challenger Champion (RM500) Tin Jun Hao 
Penang Challenger 2nd placing (RM300) Muhammad Nurislam Hj Yahaya 
Penang Challenger 3rd placing (RM200) Lau Xian Hui Rudolph 
Penang Challenger 4th placing (RM150) Muhd Zikri  Mat Zaki 
Penang Challenger 5th placing (RM100) Yat Guo Jie 
Penang Challenger 6th placing (RM90) Syazrin Abd Rahman 
Penang Challenger 7th placing (RM80) Tang Wei Kit 
Penang Challenger 8th placing (RM70) Tang Kar Khei 
Penang Challenger 9th placing (RM60) Yap, Wan Lin 
Penang Challenger 10th placing (RM50) Lim Winsen 
Best Lady (RM50) Madhavan, Olivia 
Penang Challenger Best PCA 1 (RM50) Chong Shao Hong 
Penang Challenger Best PCA 2 (RM50) Gan Leong Sitt 
Penang Challenger Best PCA 3 (RM50) Wong Yinn Long 
Under-12 Boys Champion Ooi Yen Hoe
Under-12 Boys 2nd placing Dilwen Ding Tze How
Under-12 Boys 3rd placing Andre Cheong Kai Bin
Under-12 Boys 4th placing Ang Zhen Yuan
Under-12 Boys 5th placing Dawson Tan Soon Wei
Under-12 Girls Champion Kelly Lim Pei Ying
Under-12 Girls 2nd placing Andrea Foo Zhi Xin
Under-12 Girls 3rd placing Siti Aisyah Sabirin
Under-12 Girls 4th placing Worasuda Atthaworadej
Under-12 Girls 5th placing Tan Jia Yun
Under-10 Boys Champion Ng Jen Sheng
Under-10 Boys 2nd placing Yee Jian Yang
Under-10 Boys 3rd placing Lee Jun Wei
Under-10 Boys 4th placing Shawn Foo Zhi Yu
Under-10 Boys 5th placing Devansh Sanjay Doshi
Under-10 Girls Champion Teh Ming Min
Under-10 Girls 2nd placing Siti Khadijah Sabirin
Under-10 Girls 3rd placing Wong Yi Chee
Under-10 Girls 4th placing Sarah Koh-Caleb
Under-10 Girls 5th placing Low Wen Jun
Under-08 Boys Champion Daniel Choo Zhenghao
Under-08 Boys 2nd placing Tan Jun Ying
Under-08 Boys 3rd placing Ng Shi Yang
Under-08 Boys 4th placing Muhammad Faqih Aminuddin
Under-08 Boys 5th placing Teh De Yong
Under-08 Girls Champion Krystal Valerie Soh
Under-08 Girls 2nd placing Goh Jie Yi
Under-08 Girls 3rd placing Chua Jia-Tien
Under-08 Girls 4th placing Nur  Islamurni Hj Yahaya
Under-08 Girls 5th placing Tan Jia Xuan

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