Monday, December 20, 2010

Edward Lee - Blitz Master 2010

34 players showed up but only 1 champion crowned. After 9 rounds of Swiss and another 3 knock out stages of 2 games each, Edward Lee breezed through the field with an almost perfect score, drawing only twice to Kaushal and Yeoh Li Tian in the preliminary rounds. During the knock out stage, Edward was unstoppable beating Abdul Shukor 2-0, Ahmad Nazri 2-0 and in the final, outplayed Saprin 2-0.

During the quarter final round of the knock out stage, Yeoh Li Tian and Ahmad Nazri drew 1-1 forcing the Armageddon tie breaker to be played. Opting for the white pieces (with 5 minutes of play against black 4 minutes - but white MUST win), Nazri just beat the clock by a mere 1 second to claim the win (with pieces already flying all over the board!). The other first round results were Muhd Nabil beating Mohd Fadli 2-0, Mohd Saprin beating Thong Yung Chen 2-0 and Edward Lee over Shukor 2-0.

In the semi final, whilst Edward had an easy time against Ahmad Nazri with a 2-0 win, Saprin had to battle it out with Nabil in another Armageddon tie breaker after the two drew 1-1 (Saprin winning with the white pieces in the first game, and Nabil doing the same in the second game). Saprin, opting for the White pieces (with more time), won on time with only 7 seconds to spare in a very interesting match which started with a queen and pawn endgame. Although Nabil was slightly up on time, things went awry for him when he lost his queen during the endgame and Saprin queen and king against Nabil lone king was too much for him to handle.

In the final, it was all Edward and whilst Saprin managed to put up a good fight at the start of both games, the younger Edward outplayed the old master rather convincingly as the games progressed further into the middle game.

The final results for the event:
Positions Names
Champion Edward Lee Kim Han
Runner Up Mohd Saprin Sabri
Semi Finalists Muhd Nabil Azman Hisham
Ahmad Nazri Mohd
Quarter Finalists Mohd Fadli Zakaria
Thong Yung Chen
Yeoh Li Tian
Abdul Shukor A Rajah
9th-16th placing Ismail Ahmad
Muhd Irfan Haqqim Azhar
Mohd Fairin Zakaria
Shreyas Subramaniam
Tin Jun Hao
Tan Wei Hao
Khaushal Khandar
Keok Kai En

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