Sunday, July 25, 2010

Young & Danger, Winning Chess Team In Perlis!!!!

25 July 2010, Kangar – Here are the final results of Perlis Open Chess Team Event 2010 which was held today (24 July 2010) at Dewan Sek. Men. Putra, Kangar, Perlis. A total of 49 teams took part in the event. List of prize winners are as follows:-

Champion - Young & Danger > 1st Board : Muhammad Nabil Azman Hisham

                                          > 2nd Board : WCM Nur Nabila Azman Hisham

                                          > 3rd Board : WFM Nur Najiha Azman Hisham

Runner Up - IPT Challenger  > 1st Board : Ahmad Fadzil Nayan

                                         > 2nd Board : Zarul Shafiq Zulkifli

                                         > 3rd Board : Mohamad Syazwan Zulkefli

2nd Runner Up - A Team     > 1st Board : Yeoh Thean Jern

                                         > 2nd Board : Ooi Li Tao

                                         > 3rd Board : Ong Thian Loon

3rd Runner Up - Penang Knight > 1st Board : NM Tan Khai Boon

                                              > 2nd Board : Amos Lai

                                              > 3rd Board : Alias Hanafi

Best Jabatan / Syarikat - Tefal  > 1st Board : Terry Choong Choon Ming

                                              > 2nd Board : Collin Poh Chun Kwan

                                              > 3rd Board : Andrew Tan Huey Ping

Best IPT - IPT Best Team         > 1st Board : Mohd Azrul

                                              > 2nd Board : Zulkafli

                                              > 3rd Board : Juyana

Best Sek Men - Kumpulan SARI  > 1st Board : Safarina Samsuddin

                                                 > 2nd Board : Azlin Syuhada Mohd Radzi

                                                 > 3rd Board : Intan Fatini Darwis

Best Sek Ren - Sek Keb Tmn Ria  > 1st Board : Mohd Sirajuddin Munawwir

                                                   > 2nd Board : Muhammad Nurihsan Yahaya

                                                   > 3rd Board : Nur Islamurni Yahaya

Best Board 1 > Ismail Ahmad (Jaffolea)

Best Board 2 > Lukman Kakim M Sofian (UiTM C)

Best Board 3 > Syaifulzamani Ismail (KGFP A)

Congratulations to all winners and participating players, teams and officials alike.

(source: Syaifulzamani Ismail)

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