Monday, March 8, 2010


The team slots are filling up fast!!!!

With only 2 weeks left before the clock off for the 2010 DATCC Chess Team League, the 3rd edition promises more teams for the event, and a resident GM as part of the line up for the host team. This would be the event to watch with local players gunning for additional FIDE Rating points, and teams pitting their wits and minds against some of the best players in Klang Valley, and for that matter, some of the best players in Malaysia

Tan & Tan leads the pack with 2 teams featuring GM Ziaur, IM Mok and junior players Li Tian and Li Ting on its top boards, whilst the second team features an array of veteran players who will be tough to beat with the longer time control, and with years and years of chess playing experience. Team AU is next in line featuring national and ex-national players, and the next favorite team joining the league will be a Junior Team consisting of Justin Ong, Wong Jianwen, Khaushal and Tan Ken Wei as its possible line up.

One of the strong outside contender to wrestle the title from the Tan and Tan team will feature local chess heroes that will includes Jax Tham, IM Lim Yee Weng, Abdullah Che Hassan and Nicholas Chan. The 3rd DATCC League will also welcome for the first time a team consisting of bloggers who are out to prove that they can also play chess as well as, if not better than, writing blogs.

Another possible team that may produce surprises in the event is a team consisting of power packed lady players led by Haslindah Ruslan as the queen of the pack, with possible line ups that will feature the new and future generations of Malaysian ladies team.

Returning for the event will be the Pricewaterhouse Cooper' Team, EON Bank, and the ever popular Mamak Team. First time participants to the 3rd edition will include 2 team from Petronas which will definitely feature IM Mas Hafizulhelmi on its top board, Methodist Boys School with promising junior player Yeap Eng Chiam, and TAR College.

All in all, with participation limited only to 20 teams, the spots are quickly being filled up. Individuals who are interested to play but do not have team, are also invited to come during the League's kick off meeting on Wednesday, 24th March prior to the start of the first round. If there are enough takers, the organizer can field 1 (maybe 2) scratch teams to even up the team numbers, or teams that do not have enough players may want to "recruit" these individuals to help out with their line up.

For more inquiries on this exciting event and program, do contact the Organizer, Najib Wahab at +6016 338 2542 or email at


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