Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Segamat Chess Grand Prix, Johor


Latest News: Another new chess grandprix has appeared, this time in Segamat, Johor. Kuala Lumpur has its KLCA’s chess Grand Prix and now Johor has one, too! The chess grandprix phenomena is spreading like wild fire in Malaysia! Johor on fire with chess! The tournament is called “SMK Seri Kenangan Rapid Chess Grand Prix @ SMK Seri Kenangan, Segamat, Johor”

Here are the full details that fireyrook received by email from Johor for the information of chess enthusiasts. So lock-in the dates of first leg – 6-7 March 2010, people! Let’s play chess!

SMK Seri Kenangan,

MSSKL Event Management,


SMK Seri Kenangan Rapid Chess Grand Prix @ SMK Seri Kenangan, Segamat, Johor

1. Organisers and Sponsors

Organised by MSSKL Event Management (MSSKLEM) & Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) & SMK Seri Kenangan, Segamat, Johor.

2. Format, Time Control & System

There will be two sections – Open, Junior (U-18) & Kids (U-12), played using the Swiss System, and the rate of play will be 45 minutes for the whole game.

There will be 4 legs, played monthly, followed by the grand finals:

First Leg: 6-7 March 2010

Second leg: 3-4 April 2010

Third Leg: 8-9 May 2010

Grand Finals: 3-4 July 2010

Points (actual scores) accumulated from each leg will be used as the basis for qualifying for the Grand Finals, where the top 10 in each section will be given free entry and the top 25 overall finishers* in each section will be given priority in participation.

*The organizers reserves discretion in modifying the number of qualifiers.

3. Schedule

Played on weekends: On Saturdays from 1 to 5:30 p.m., and on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday 09:00-10:30 Final Registration

11:00-12:30 Round 1

13:30-15:00 Round 2

15:30-17:00 Round 3

Sunday 09:00-10:30 Round 4

11:00-12:30 Round 5

13:30-15:00 Round 6

15:30-17:00 Round 7

17:30-18:00 Closing & Prize Giving

Participants are encouraged to pre-register with the organizers to be assured of a place as space is limited and so only 300 places are guaranteed for each leg.

4. Total Prize Fund (RM 7,860)

all participant will get the their entry certificate and winning certificate

Each Leg:


1st Prize – RM400; 2nd – RM200; 3rd – RM100; 4th to 5th – RM50 each; 6th to 10th – RM 25 each

Junior (U-18):

1st Prize – RM200; 2nd – RM100; 3rd – RM80; 4th to 5th – RM50 each

Kids (U-12):

1st Prize – RM150; 2nd – RM75; 3rd – RM50; 4th to 5th – RM25 each

Grand Finals:


1st Prize – RM600; 2nd – RM300; 3rd – RM200; 4th to 5th – RM100 each; 6th to 10th – RM 50 each

Junior (U-18):

1st Prize – RM300; 2nd – RM150; 3rd – RM100; 4th to 5th – RM50 each

Kids (U-12):

1st Prize – RM200; 2nd – RM100; 3rd – RM70; 4th to 5th – RM50 each

5. Entry Fees to be payable three days before each leg, thereafter a 50% penalty of up to the applicable entry fee may apply.

Open: RM 30

Junior RM 20

Kids (U-12) RM 15

*The organisers reserves the right to accept and reject entries.

6. The Playing Venue

The tournament playing venue is the Hall of SMK SERI KENANGAN, SEGAMAT, JOHOR

7. Payment

All payments shall be made payable to:


Am Islamic Bank Berhad, Cawangan Sentul, Jalan Sentul, 51100 KualaLumpur

Account Number: 227 20 2 200 2489


School :

Name :

(Please underline surname)

Address :

Telephone : E-mail :

Section : ( ) Open ( ) Junior (U-18) ( ) Kids (U-12)

(Please tick)

Leg : First (6-7 March) / Second (3-4/Apr) / Third (8-9 May) / GF (3-4 July)

(Circle where applicable)

Payment Details:

Please return this entry form three working days before the leg you wish to participate in to: MSSKL Event Management @ SMK Seri Kenangan

by HP: 010-9634258 by E-mail to: msskleventmanagement@gmail.com

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