Thursday, February 11, 2010

GM Ziaur Rahman coaching/training/seminars


GRANDMASTER IN TOWN!!!! Be on the lookout….

Come end of February, DAT Chess Center will have a resident Grandmaster (GM Ziaur Rahman) to boost its activities and promote chess learning and teaching to another level. A one year program is currently being prepared which comprises of various events and tournaments featuring GM Ziaur as the “main man”, with chess seminars and classes including out station trips to reach out to all corners of our country, to promote and propel chess onto a higher platform.

Some of the programs that will be available during GM Ziaur presence here in Malaysia and DATCC are:

  1. Individual chess sessions for serious players who would like to improve their chess understanding and playing skills – personalized tutoring and tips, the ideal way to learn and improve!
  2. Group classes covering specific topics such as chess preparations, openings, endgames, etc. during the night on weekdays (for those who are working in the daytime) and during the weekends (for those who are from out of the KL)
  3. Monthly Rapid Events – Get a chance to compete against the GM!
  4. Quarterly FIDE Rated Event – Improve your rating points by beating the GM (try if you can!)
  5. Chess Seminars and Trainings (An event for all – players, parents, supporters, officials, organizers, enthusiasts and those who wants to know more about chess)
  6. SIMUL and Exhibition matches – A kiddie events for our up and coming youngsters!
  7. For those who love Blitz – a bi monthly event to enjoy chess at lightning speed!!!! And get crushed in the blink of an eye!
  8. Out station tripsFor Chess Affiliates, Clubs and Association, this is your chance to get a GM to visit your state and City/Clubs, and pit the local talent against him

If you are not able to make it to the DAT Chess Center for the classes and would like to get the GM Ziaur to come to your establishments, offices or clubs, or a private tutoring at home, such arrangements will also be considered and can be arranged

For further information or if you are very eager to make an early bookings for any of the events mentioned above, or just to inquire more information with regards to the rates, dates, events, classes and tournaments that are being prepared,  please contact or
+6016 338 2542

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