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12th CAS-OCTAGON Second Quarter Allegro Chess Championship 2010

If you were wondering what has happened to Chess Association of Selangor, worry no further! Here is the brand new chess rapid tournament from Chess Association of Selangor (CAS) which will be held on the 20th June 2010 (amended change of date). Due to the heavily booked chess calendar since the beginning of 2010, June is the earliest that CAS can conduct this Allegro event. So book your calendar for this much-anticipated chess event from CAS. The event is jointly organised by Octagon Consolidated Berhad and Chess Association of Selangor (CAS).

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Second Quarter Allegro Championship 2010

“National-rated event”

Date : 20th June 2010 (Sunday)
Venue : DAT Chess Centre, 4th Floor, Wilayah Complex, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, KL

Time Control : 25 minutes per player

Tie break : (1) P/E (If applicable); (2) Solkoff; (3) S/B; (4) Cumulative; (5) Won Game.

Registration 08.30 am - 09.00 am Round 4 01.30 pm - 02.20 pm

Round 1 09.30 am - 10.20 am Round 5 02.30 pm - 03.20 pm

Round 2 10.40 am - 11.30 am Round 6 03.30 pm - 04.20 pm

Round 3 11.40 pm - 12.30 pm Round 7 04.30 pm - 05.20 pm

Lunch break 12.30 pm - 01.30 pm Closing ceremony 05.30 pm

Main Prizes
Consolation Prizes

RM 500

3 Best CAS

RM 25 each


RM 300

3 Best CAS Female

RM 25 each


RM 200

3 Best Veteran (>50 yo)

RM 25 each


RM 100

3 Best CAS U-15

RM 25 each

5th – 7th

RM 60

3 Best CAS U-12

Book each

8th – 10th

RM 40

Certificate will be given to all 25 prizewinners !!!

Pre-registration closing date on 18/6/2010 (FRIDAY), please send an email (stating your name and handphone) to Any new registration after closing date or tournament day shall be charged an extra RM10 as late administrative fee. [Enquiries: Mr. Mat Zaki @ 017 – 2032051, Mr. Lim @ 012 – 298 4922]


Name : ________________________________________________

E-mail : _______________________________

Birthdate : ___________________

Tel : __________________________

National Rating (if any) : ______________

Entrance Fee: CAS Member – o RM 20

Participant Parent is CAS Member – o RM 20 CAS ID: ______________

(Parent with CAS membership is entitled to register maximum of 2 children)

Non CAS Member – o RM 30

Late Administrative Fee (Extra): – o RM 10

(Tick where applicable)

CAS member o Veteran o CAS U-15 yrs o CAS U-12 yrs o CAS Female o

New CAS Membership for 2010: o RM 30 (Under-18) OR o RM 40 (Adult)

CAS Membership Renewal for 2010: o RM 20 (Under-18) OR o RM 30 (Adult)


I agree to abide by all decisions made by the organising committee regarding the running of this tournament and attach herewith a fee of RM _________ made payable to “CHESS ASSOCIATION OF SELANGOR”


To read the calendar activities of CAS, please visit the Chess Association of Selangor’s blog or click here, or visit fireyrook’s blog or click here.

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