Tuesday, January 26, 2010

KL City Day Fun Blitz (01/02/2010)




DATCC will be organizing the City Day "Fun Blitz" on Monday, Feb 1 in conjunction with KL City Day.
The tournament will be held over 11 Round Swiss Pairing System with a time control of 5 minutes to finish.

Entry fee is RM25 for players to entry and a special entry fee of RM10 for those who are currently playing in the 1st DATCC FIDE Rated Weekenders 2010.

Prizes are RM 500 for the winner, RM300 for the runner up and RM200 for 3rd.


Download the Entry Form (MS Word format)

Other details:-

Schedule of Rounds (11 Round Swiss)

The tentative schedule of rounds for the event is as follows:

            Monday, Feb 1, 2010    13:00  Registration

                                                14:00  Round 1

                                                14:20  Round 2

                                                14:40  Round 3

                                                15:00  Round 4

                                                15:20  Round 5

                                                15:40  Round 6

                                                16:00  Round 7

                                                16:20  Round 8

                                                16:40  Round 9

                                                17:00  Round 10

                                                17:20  Round 11

                                                18:00  Closing and Prize Giving 

Time Control 

      The time control will be 5 minutes to finish 

Prize Money

      Champion : RM 500

      Runner Up : RM 300

      Third  : RM 200 

The entry fee for the event is set as follows:  

      All Players    RM 25

      1st DATCC Weekender Players RM 10 

      For online payment or payment via check, please use the following account:

      Bank   MAYBANK

      Account Name DAT CHESS CENTRE

      Account Number 5145 9822 0396 

Inquiries/Entry Forms

      For further inquiries /request for entry forms, please contact the following:

            Hamid Majid (019 315 8098 / aham@pc.jaring.my) or

            Najib Wahab (016 338 2542 / najib.wahab@hotmail.com)

         For fax correspondence, please use 03 4024 4337

            DATCC website address is http://datcchess.blogspot.com


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