Thursday, January 7, 2010

juniors and their performances

2nd DAtcc

name                 rating    no games played   points     percentage

Lim Zhao Ren       0                     3               3              100.0

Justin Ong           0                    3                3              100.0

Yeap Eng Chiam 2118                  6              5.5              91.7   


Izz Saifuddin         0                   5               4½             90.0

Khandhar Kaushal 1975               5                 4.5            90.0


Tan Ken Wei          0                 2                 1.5             75.0



Lee Kim Han Edward 2114           4                  2.5           62.5

Yat Guo Jie             0                7                  4             57.1

Jun Feng Tan   1801                  2                  0.5           25.0

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