Saturday, January 30, 2010

According to one chess Blog professionals won 13 of the 16 prizes offered in Jeram open recently

Below are some of the questions that may be raised

1 Are they not just  chess lovers or hard core chess players who travel all around the country to support by participating in the tournaments with their own expenses ?

2 Can they really make a living on chess alone?

3 What happen if tournaments only have weak players(so called amateurs)?

4 what will happen if these players just stop participating? Who stand to lose the most?

5 Even with these die hard chess players participating , the no of participants rarely reach 50 not to mention 100.What if they are not participating?

6 will the so called amateurs continuously support the chess tournaments or will they quit playing serious chess after reaching certain levels?

7 These Chess buffs willing to lose their fide rating points whenever they participate .  Some chess players  do not participate in events because they are afraid to lose their rating points .How to classify them?

8 Are the juniors complain about these participations?

9 what about players like Andrew Ooi, Firey Rook shamsuddin who play for the fun and not just for rating . How to classify them?

10 Money is secondary to the interest shown to the game. why certain people dont understand?  

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