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1.0 Introduction

1.1 This is a FIDE rated team event and at the end of the tournament, all the tournament results and pairing will be submitted to FIDE for Rating and Reporting purposes.

2.0 Time Control

2.1 Time Control for the tournament shall be 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment per move per player starting from move 1.

2.2 Waiting time is set at 60 minutes from the start of the clock off

3.0 Tournament Format

3.1 Swiss Pairing System played over a minimum of 9 rounds, or Round Robin (all play all) System depending on the final number of teams participating in the event.

4.0 Schedule

4.1 The tournament will commence on Wednesday, 24th March 2010 at 6:30pm with players registration and team captain’s meeting, followed by the 1st round to clock in at 7:00pm.

4.2 From then on, each round has been scheduled to be played on every Wednesday night (please refer to schedule) except for the last 3 rounds which shall be played over 1 weekend for closing and prize giving ceremony.

4.3 The tentative schedule for the event is as followed:

Wednesday 24 March 6:30pm – 7:00pm Captain’s Meeting

24 March 7:00pm – 10:00pm Round 1

Wednesday 31 March 7:00pm – 10:00pm Round 2

Followed by subsequent Wednesdays from here onwards until all the rounds are concluded

4.4 Depending on the number of teams participating in the event, the Organizer (DAT CHESS CENTER) reserves the right to change, alters, adds, shortened or extends the tournament to a maximum of 19 weeks or 19 rounds. This shall be confirmed and finalized during the Team Captain’s meeting

4.5 Once the number of rounds and the schedule have been finalized during the Team Captain’s meeting, no further changes shall be made unless the organizer deems it necessary to make the changes by giving the team captain/manager/leader no less than 2 days notice prior to the start of the affected round. The onus falls on the team captain/manager/leader to inform the rest of the teams of the changes.

5.0 Number of Teams Allowed

5.1 There is no limited number of team for any clubs, companies or organizations to field for the tournament. However, each team fielded must follow the rules and regulations set for Team Composition

5.2 Organizations, Companies, Clubs including schools and Institute of Higher Learning are allowed to field players either from the same establishment or invited players from outside of the establishment as long as it does not intervene the Rules and Regulations as stipulated in 6.0 Team Composition

6.0 Team Composition

6.1 Each team can register up to a maximum of 10 players

6.2 Each team should have no more than 2 players with a FIDE Rating of 2300 or above at the onset of the event (based on March 2010 FIDE rating list, or FIDE’s latest rating list should the March 2010 listing is not available)

6.3 A single player can only register with a single team.

6.4 Players are not allowed to switch teams once the tournament has started

6.5 As per any chess team event, players are also not allowed to switch the board order once the tournament has started

6.6 For registration purposes, each team must have at least 4 players registered (complete with full payment) before the closing date. Teams are allowed to add more players in their team line up as and when the tournament progresses as long as the board order is maintained.

6.7 For flexibility purposes, if a team is unable to determine the precise board order or the name of the players that will be playing in the team, teams are allowed to provide a provisional board order by leaving certain boards as empty, and to be filled (or be left empty) as and when new players are included in the team.

6.8 A team can filled in players name for Board 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 and leave empty Board 1, 3, 5, 8 and 10 to be filled with other names as and when players are available.

6.9 Once a player has been registered, under no circumstances that the players can be changed with another player. If all the boards have been filled, no more additional players are allowed in the team.

6.10 Changes to the board order (including the empty boards) are strictly prohibited once the 1st round has started

6.11 Only 4 players will be playing per match per round, and players must be listed according the proper sequential board order

6.12 Any final changes to the board order, player’s name, and other matters related to the team composition, can only be made before the start of the 1st round. No changes will be entertained once the tournament has started.

6.12.1 Any changes made after the initial registration but before the start of the 1st round, a surcharged of RM20 will be imposed to the team for each change made

6.13 Failure to abide by these rules, players/teams may be subjected to penalties which may cause the player/team to (at the discretion of the organizer and chief arbiter depending on the severity of the situation):

6.13.1 Lose points/declared lost on the affected board(s)

6.13.2 Lose the entire team points (opponent is awarded the full point)

7.0 Round by Round Team Line Up

7.1 Team captain or its representative needs to fill up the team line up for each round before the start of the round

7.2 Once the clock has started for the board, player change is no longer allowed and the 60 minutes waiting time shall be in effect

7.3 Board order must be maintained according to each team player’s listing sequential order failing which, if the wrong board order was used, the players affected are considered to have lost their game and the winning point are awarded to the opposing player.

7.3.1 In the event that the opposing player is also listed in the wrong board order, both players are given 0 point.

7.3.2 In the event that the opposing player exceeded the waiting time limit, both players are also given the 0 point

8.0 Entry Fees

8.1 Entry fee is set at RM400 per team regardless of the number of players registered within the team. For junior team where all team players are below 20 years, the entry fee is RM200 per team.

NOTE: Junior teams must maintain players line up consisting of those below the age of 20. If additional players are added during the course of the tournament and they are found to be 20 years of age or older, the opponent team shall be awarded a full point for the affected round (only). A second offence of the same nature will disqualify and expel the team from the tournament

8.2 Entries received after the closing date (but before the start of the 1st round) is subjected to an additional charge of RM100 per team.

9.0 Team Registration

9.1 Teams who have registered but would like to withdraw from the tournament is entitled for a full refund provided the request to withdraw is made before the official closing date

9.2 Team who have registered but would like to withdraw from the tournament after the closing date but before the start of the 1st round, is subjected to a 25% penalty

9.3 No refund will be given to any teams that withdraw from the tournament after the 1st round has started. This also applies to teams who have been ejected or expelled from tournament.

10.0 Closing Date

10.1 Closing date for the registration is Friday, 12th March 2010.

10.2 Registration after the closing date (but before the start of the 1st round) can still be accepted – subjected to an additional charge of RM100 per team

11.0 General

11.1 The organizer (DAT CHESS CENTER) reserves the right to accept or decline any team/teams application or any player/players playing in the event without giving any reasons whatsoever. In the event where a team registration has been denied entry, DAT CHESS CENTER will refund the registration fees in full to the affected team. In the event that only a player or players have been denied entry, no refund will be given to the team but the team is allowed to replace the player with another player. Any request for refund from the team, if any, is subjected to the clause mentioned in the Team Registration clause

12.0 Disciplinary Action

12.1 The organizer (DAT CHESS CENTER) may, at its discretion and without providing any reasons, eject or expel any players or teams from the tournament with immediate notice.

12.1.1 Players that are ejected or expelled from the tournament shall not be allowed to be replaced by another player. If the team still has vacant boards to be filled, new players can be added at the vacant positions. In this situation, no refund shall be given to the team. Any request for refund from the team, if any, is subjected to the clause mentioned in the Team Registration clause

12.1.2 Entry fees for teams that have been ejected or expelled from the tournament will not be refunded.

13.0 Arbiters

13.1 Arbiters for the event shall be Hamid Majid and Najib Abdul Wahab

14.0 Enquiries

14.1 Hamid Majid, Tel: 03 40219576, Mob: 019 3158098, Fax: 03 40244337, Email: aham@pc.jaring.my

14.2 Najib Abdul Wahab, Mob: 016 3382542, Email: najib.wahab@hotmail.com

14.3 Website: http://datcchess.blogspot.com

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