Monday, November 30, 2009

Chinese Grandmasters Games forfeited

Wang Yue and Li Chao were late for for their 2nd tiebreaks after they arrived at their boards 2 minutes late and according to FIDE regulations the games were forfeited.

The reason, both were smoking !! (Abdullah che Hassan watch out!! Is this rule apply to arbiters too?? )

Apparently both the players were informed that the games will be starting in 3 minutes and  again informed the game will be starting in 1 minute.

They were both eliminated after they lost the 3rd tie breaks.

with their elimination the Chinese got no more representatives beyond 3rd round

The sole hope for Asia now lies in the hand of Super talented GM Wesley So

So now has the reputation of giant slaying with back to back victories over Vassily Ivanchuk and Gata Kamsky 


The arbiter discusses the situation with the players (Wang Yue and Li Chao left) and their captain source :chess base


The Chinese team discuss the decision of the arbiter amongst themselves source chess base

Wang Yue and Li Chao: "We are not going to quit smoking!" The chinese sports officials who are so disciplined may not like this statement

interview with Wang Yue and Li chao( source:chess base)

How happened that you missed the start of the game?

Wang Yue: I don't know what happened. I was smoking with Li Chao and some fellow told us: “Guys, I think you are late for your game”. Of course we rushed into the playing hall. But it was already too late.

What did you feel at that moment?

I did not understand what happened. Okay, these are the rules, I cannot break them. But I was shocked. It seemed that the world has stopped.

Did you try to speak with the Arbiter?

Sure, we spoke with the Chief Arbiter. He said: “These are the regulations, we should follow them. The decision is final and nothing can be changed. You should take it, go and prepare for the next game." I think it was a wise advice.

Was the decision fair to your mind?

Yes, this was correct and fair decision. The only decision that could be taken. We cannot do anything. We just need to accept it. In China at all chess tournaments a big screen with the information about the tournament is used. A player can go to the toilet, to smoke or to do something else. But thanks to this screen he always knows how much time he has before the start of the game. Here there is no screen. But we hope that they will use it in future. Most of all I feel pity for Li Chao: he started smoking here, in Khanty, to join my smoking company.

Perhaps now it is a good reason to quit smoking? Less chances to get into a trouble and more chances to be healthy.

I don't think so… After such a shock you only think to take a long smoke!

How are you going to recover?

Nothing special… We will have rest. Tomorrow a long trip back home

Li Chao (sarcastically): Most probably I will carefully study the regulations of the World Cup!

Interview by FIDE


  1. Siraj, betul ke berita ini? Atau you added in between the lines. Anyway it is a good sensational news.


  2. Siraj,
    Had a good private laugh while reading it! hehe... :-)



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