Monday, November 16, 2009

FM MOK TZE MENG’s Chess Camp

Chess Camp at Cempaka School

Chess make kids smarter!

This special Chess Camp is headed by FM Mok Tze Meng (currently top 3 in Malaysia FIDE rating list. Mr. Mok will obtain IM title in Jan 2010) with his group of experienced trainers. Any children below the Malaysian rating of 1800 or without rating are welcome to attend the course. Courses will cover understanding in chess openings, creative thinking (the way how chess helps in studies too), positional understandings, planning and endgame concepts in Chess.

The Beginner to Intermediate is designed to attract the young to the game of chess. They will learn how to think logically and how to make good decision while in critical situations.

The Intermediate to Expert is to target those who want to break-through from their current level of play. Break-through involved many factors, only a good chess player cum trainer can uncover the students’ weaknesses, problems and rectify them.


Course Level….





10% discount

Closing Date

02 to 04 december 2009


Beginner to Intermediate rating <1000 or without rating

9am – 12 noon

Cempaka Cheras Cempaka Campus Block N1,level 3

RM250(min.10 students)

Cempaka students only


02 to 04 december 2009


Intermediate to expert rating > 1000

2pm- 4pm

Cempaka Cheras Campus Block N1, Level 3

RM350(min.10 students)

Cempaka students only


Chess equipment will be provided. Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Mok Tze Meng at 016-2233536, or visit or

Chess Camp at Cempaka School

Registration Form

Please register my child for the Chess Camp at Cempaka School. My child’s details are as follows:

Name : ________________________________________

Address : ________________________________________



Date of Birth : _______________________

Category : Beginner to Intermediate ----(tick )

Intermediate to Expert ----- (tick)

payment :

Cash/ Chq No. _________________

(Cheque payable to Mok Tze Meng)


(Parent’s Signature)

Parent’s name: ____________________________________________________

Contact no.: ______________________________________________________

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