Sunday, February 14, 2010


BOOK NOW! Sessions are very limited!!!!

Everything has been set! VISA has been approved! And by late next week, we shall welcome GM ZIAUR RAHMAN to our shores. With the initial “teaser” on the GM program went out last week, inquiries are already pouring in from individuals, groups and parents who are eager to engage the program. And he is already been booked to play in Ipoh, Perak in the first week of March for his first event/outing in Malaysia…. Without any doubt, with his status as a GM, he will be the highest rated player and the most experience coach in Malaysia that can assist, help and guide any player who wants to improve their chess playing skills.

The GM program will open opportunities for players to learn and experience a totally new approach and methodology of learning and developing their chess understanding and skills. The program also offers “wannabe” players/coaches to be exposed to a more structured training format, a platform that will allow players/coaches to share and exchange ideas, and to tap the immense knowledge and know-how that GM ZIAUR has as a seasoned and well learned chess player. Mind you, GM ZIAUR also holds a Masters Degree in Anthropology so just in case the topic of chess becomes a bit too monotonous and dull, there is always a chance to get him to lecture on the topic of humanity, cultural and social sciences.

With a current FIDE rating of 2548, GM ZIAUR is the number one player in his country Bangladesh and one of the top 50 Grandmasters in Asia. In the recent 2010 International Grandmaster Chess Tournament held in Chennai, GM ZIAUR finished 2nd with 9 points out of 11 games from a field which includes 18 GM and 28 IM. GM ZIAUR also participated in the Dato’ Arthur Tan Malaysia Open from 2005 to 2009 and on two occasions, he finished top 3 in the 2006 and 2007 editions. GM ZIAUR has trained many junior players and amongst his notable student is Sayantan Das, the current U12 World Champion who has recently secured his first IM norm

“Learn Better Chess with GM ZIAUR RAHMAN” is a program that is jointly managed by DATCC (Hamid Majid) and CS SOLUTIONS (Najib Wahab). Whilst DATCC provides the main venue for all the programs, classes and events for the GM, CS SOLUTION manages the marketing and scheduling of the program including preparing all related events during GM ZIAUR stay in Malaysia.

“Learn Better Chess with GM ZIAUR RAHMAN” offers training packages for Individual players (one-on-one session), Family packages (for 2-3 players from the same family) and Company packages (for groups of 4 or more players – ideal for Companies, Clubs, Universities/Schools). There are also night classes for those who work during the daytime and weekend classes for those who are from outstation. Group training (for those who do not fall into the Family or Company category) can also be arranged to ensure that the program can reach out to as many chess players with different challenges, limitations and scheduling requirements and restrictions due to work and/or family commitment.

For further information or clarification with regards to the rates, dates, events, classes and tournaments that are being prepared, please contact or +60163382542

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